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The areas included in the Urbasa and Andia Nature Park  hold sustainable forest management certificates. These areas correspond to:

  • Urbasa Mount: (Forest certification in accordance with the PEFC system)
  • Limitaciones Mount: (Forest certification in accordance with the PEFC system)
  • Sierra de Andia: (Forest certification in accordance with the PEFC system)
  • Bakedano-Reserva del Nacedero del Urederra: (Certificación forestal por el sistema PEFC) 

The aim of Forest Certification is to show the end consumer that forest management is promoted and carried out in accordance with economic, social and sustainable environmental aspects.

Assessment of the suitability of such management practices is carried out periodically in accordance with that set out in each of the certification systems and in both cases via independent external audits.

In this way and after successfully passing certification audits, purchasers of forest products originating from these forests may then be assured that these products have been obtained by following environmentally-friendly and socio-economic practices in the region.

Certified areas within the Urbasa and Andia Nature Park correspond to those mountains where the producing function of wood takes on major importance, with the management of these areas being similar to the management carried out in the Nature Park as a whole.

Wood originating from the aforementioned areas is commercialized following the regulatory procedures and is identified by the use of the logo associated with each certification system.

Contact and Gathering of Information 

For any query regarding the certification process or to obtain any comment, observation or opinion related to compliance with the Principles, Criteria or Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management in accordance with  the system, please use the contact addresses provided on this website.

For further information about Certification System:

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