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The document containing the regulations of use, exploitation and the different activities which take place in the Natural Park of Urbasa and Andia is the Natural Resource Organisation Plan (P.O.R.N.). Each territory within the Park also has its own regulations: the Master Plan for the Use and Management of Urbasa and Andia (P.R.U.G.), the bylaws of Mount Limitaciones and the Master Plan for Use and Management of the Reserve for the Natural Reserve of the Source of the River Urederra.

In accordance with the aims of Park conservation contained in current legislation, the regulations set out in the Master Plan for the Use and Management of Urbasa and Andia (Navarran Decree 340/2001) for the Area of the Sierras of Urbasa and Andia are:

* Motor vehicle traffic is limited to the Olazti/Olazagutía-Estella and the Lizarraga-Estella roads and the Otsaportillo track.
* Motor vehicle traffic on roads other than those indicated above is only permitted for traditional farming (with permission) and forestry work, and for safety and public service purposes. Authorisation for farmers is granted after checking that the conditions set out in the Plan are met.
* Family motor vehicles may only park in signposted/marked parking areas and in lay-bys on the roads and tracks indicated. Even so, they must not hinder or place normal traffic at risk.
* Mountain-biking and horse-riding are only permitted on roads and farm tracks, unless express permission otherwise has been given by the Park Administration.
* Leaving litter or waste anywhere other than the specially-designated areas is prohibited.
* Changing oil and washing vehicles is prohibited.
* No vegetation may be burned and no fires may be lit anywhere other than in the areas established or indicated for such purposes. It is also forbidden to cut wood, logs and branches without the permission of the Department of the Environment, Land Organisation and Housing.
* It is forbidden to make any noise which may disturb or interfere with livestock or wild animals or which may disturb the peace of those visiting the area.
* It is forbidden to wash or wash up in water supplies, pools and troughs. It is also forbidden to foul springs, potholes and areas of transit.
* Pets may only enter the Park if their owners can produce, where obligatory, the relevant veterinary health documentation. Such animals must be controlled by their owners at all times. Owners shall prevent their animals from disturbing other visitors, livestock and wild fauna.
* Article 17 of the Natural Resource Organisation Plan governs organised sporting activities.
* Camping is forbidden throughout the Sierras of Urbasa and Andia. Camping is only permitted at the Bioitza Campsite. The Park Administration may grant special permission for camping when this forms part of an activity coherent with the values of these Sierras and so long as the activity does not involve camping for more than one night at the same location.
* Caving activities are subject to permission from the Department of the Environment, Land Organisation and Housing.