R. N. Urederra Print
The Source of the River Urederra is the main, natural outlet for the significant water table formed in the karstic massif of Urbasa. The spring is located on a nearly-severed wall at the NE end of the municipal area of Baquedano, at a height of about 630 metres. The summit of the face reaches more than 900 metres. The water from Urbasa has moulded the nick on the southern edge of the massif over millions of years to create a rocky amphitheatre of outstanding beauty.

In order to conserve the area and to make your visit more enjoyable, the following activities are not permitted in the Natural Reserve:

* Lighting fires, camping, climbing, canyoning or flying over the Park by any means.
* Swimming.
* Leaving litter or any kind or waste.
* Any activity which may disturb the fauna or damage the landscape, the physical environment or the reserve's flora and fauna, e.g. making noise, bright light or ultrasound, uprooting plants, marking trees, collecting stones or fossils, fishing or hunting.

IMPORTANT: Respect municipal regulations and the infrastructures and facilities available in the villages. For the greater comfort of visitors, the safety of vehicles and to reduce impact on the Reserve, vehicles must be parked in the areas established for this purpose in Baquedano and the Surgaina parking area, located at Km 22 on the Estella - Olazti / Olazagutia road.

The fame of the area and its wealth of vegetation and animal life meant it was declared a Natural reserve in 1987. Included in the Natural Park of Urbasa and Andia, its environmental importance led to its inclusion in the network of Protected Areas in Navarra. The NR of the Source of the River Urederra forms a part of the Site of Community Importance Ega - Urederra, an area proposed by the Government of Navarra to form part of the Natura 2000 Network for its importance to biodiversity in the province.