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The Natural Park of Urbasa and Andia contains:

-Urbasa: 11,399 ha.
-Andia: 4,700 ha.
-Limitaciones: 5,190 ha.
-Natural Reserve of Urederra: 119 ha.

These lands were declared a Natural Park on the 27th of February 1997. Together they cover an area of 21,408 Ha., mainly covered with beech woods and mountain pastures. The Park's location, between 42° 58' and 42° 52' north latitude, and the height of the "Sierras", ranging from the 835m. of the lowest point of the Level de Urbasa to the 1492 m. at the top of San Donato, makes it a passing place between Navarra's Mountainous Region and the so-called Mid-Region.